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Multiswitches at the Satellite Superstore UK. 8-way, 12-way 16-way 24-way 32-way Triax multiswitches. 5 input multiswitches, 9 input multiswitches, 17 input multiswitches, amps, splitters, taps. 5X8 multiswitch, 5X12 multiswitch, 9X8 multiswitch, 9X12 multiswitch, 17X16 multiswitch, 17X12 multiswitch. Dishes with quatro LNBs. Diplexing outlet plates. Triplexing outlet plates. Triax Sky Q multiswitches dSCR, Ethernet multiswitches. Sky Q interface. Sky Q dSCR satellite interface. Converts 4 multiswitch outputs to 2 Sky q outputs. Converts a quad LNB to a twin Sky q LNB. Converts a quatro LNB to a twin Sky q LNB. Satellite superstore UK
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Multiswitches menu page - scroll down
"Probably the widest range of multiswitch equipment in the UK (and the EU?)"
Click here for advice- what are multiswitches for?
5 input powered multiswitches 5 input powered multiswitches 5 input 32 output powered multiswitch Special offer packages. Powered multiswitches with splitter 5 input powered multiswitches EMP SCR single cable powered multiswitches SwitchBlade multiswitches with direct fibre input Multiswitches which work with quad, octo & quatro LNBs. (Pro range) powered
EMP Centauri 5X8
EMP Centauri 5X12
EMP Centauri 5X16
EMP Centauri 5X20
EMP Centauri 5X24
EMP Centauri 5X28

EMP Centauri 5X40
EMP Centauri 5X60

Triax 5X8
Triax 5X12
Triax 5X16
Triax 5X24
Triax 5X32

Package special offers -
multiswitches with splitter.

EMP Centauri 5X76
EMP Centauri 5X88
EMP Centauri 5X100
EMP Centauri 5X120
EMP Centauri 5X180

Triax 5 input cascade multiswitches
Triax 5X8
Triax 5X12
Triax 5X16
Triax 5X24
Triax 5X32

EMP SCR single cable multiswitches

SwitchBlade multiswitches with direct fibre input.
8 output SwitchBlade multiswitch
16 output SwitchBlade multiswitch
RTriax Sky Q multiswitches

9 input powered multiswitches

13 input 40 output powered multiswitch

Ethernet, satellite and terrestrial over coax multiswitches

Multiswitch advice

Sky Q interface.

Convert your quad LNB to Sky Q

Triax Sky Q interface. (4-OUT)

Global Sky Q interface. (2-OUT)

Sky Q multiswitches.

Triax Sky Q multiswitches.
Triax Sky Q 5X4
Triax Sky Q 5X8
Triax Sky Q 5X16
Triax Sky Q 5X24
Triax Sky Q 5X32
Triax Sky Q 5X48
Triax Sky Q 5X64

(Sky Q advice)

Multiswitches which work with quad, octo & quatro LNBs. (Pro range) powered

EMP-Centauri 9X8
EMP-Centauri 9X12
EMP-Centauri 9X16
EMP-Centauri 9X20
EMP-Centauri 9X24
EMP-Centauri 9X26

EMP-Centauri 9X40 (quatro LNB only)

Ethernet over coax multiswitches.

Ethernet, satellite and terrestrial over coax multiswitches. 10 outputs.

13 input 12 output powered multiswitch 13 input 40 output powered multiswitch Multiswitches which work with quad, octo & quatro LNBs. (Pro range) Powered

EMP Centauri 13X8
EMP Centauri 13X12
EMP Centauri 13X16
EMP Centauri 13X24
EMP Centauri 13X26

EMP Centauri 13X40

17 input (4 satellite) multiswitches

EMP Centauri 17X8
EMP Centauri 17X16
EMP Centauri 17X24
EMP Centauri 17X26

8 satellite multiswitch.

EMP Centauri 33X12

Multiswitch cabinet.
TX2 external equipment cabinet.
Large enough even for a 17X16 multiswitch with room to spare.

emp 5 in 5 out amp slope amp Primesat splitters stacker destacker Triax digital TDX satellite headend.. Primesat 5 in 10 out splitter.
Primesat 5 in 15 out splitter.
Triax 10-30 Tap.
Triax 5 in and 10 out splitter.
Triax 5 in and 20 out splitter.
EMP 5 in and 5 out amp.
Manata 5 in and 5 out amp.
Triax 7 in and 10 out amp.
4 in 4 out 40dB launch amp
Wolsey terrestrial amp.
Triax TV, FM & DAB terrestrial amp.
Satellite slope amp.
Variable attenuator.
TV, FM & DAB combiner.

External equipment cabinet.
Stacker De-Stacker Plus. Send two outputs from an LNB or two outputs from a multiswitch down one cable
Feeding CCTV into a multiswitch.
Quatro LNBs.
Quatro LNB cable.

Satellite Headend.
Triax digital TDX satellite headend.

HD Modulator
Send HD through your normal coax distribution system
Primesat easy fit 60cm dish Primesat transparent 85cm dish Triax heavy duty dishes Triax hg5 aerial Antiference 5 element FM aerial

Dish kit kits with quatro LNBs.

Primesat 60cm easy fit dish

Primesat 85cm easy fit dish

Transparent 85cm

Triax heavy duty 60cm,
70cm, 90cm

85cm dishes 2 satellite, 2 quatro LNBs and multiswitch

85cm dishes 3 satellite, 3 quatro LNBs and multiswitch

Aerials menu page
Triax multi element TV aerial
Triax omni DAB aerial
Triax omni TM aerial
Antiference 4 element DAB aerial
Antiference 5 element FM aerial
Antiference combined FM DAB aerial

Maxview twin F connector outlet plate. Maxview twin F connector outlet plate. Modular outlet plates. Build your own options Modular outlet plates. Build your own options Modular outlet double plate

F connector outlet plate.

Maxview twin F connector outlet plate.

Low cost twin F connector outlet plate.

IEC aerial outlet plate.

F & IEC aerial outlet plate.

Back boxes.

Modular outlet plates. Build your own options.

Outlets include -

Satellite, Aerial male and female, (IEC), Network (RJ45), Telephone, HDMI.

(Also modular outlets for multiswitches.)

Standard fitting outlet plates

Triax TV, radio & satellite triplexed outlet plate

Triax TV, radio and twin satellite quad outlet plate

Triax TV, radio, return, phone and twin satellite outlet double plate

Modular outlet plates

Triax TV and satellite triplexed outlet plate

Triax TV, radio and satellite triplexed screened modular outlet plate.

Ethernet multiswitch plate. Satellite, terrestrial and Ethernet over coax

virtual quatro converter virtual quatro converter virtual quatro converter Quatro virtual converter.

Quad virtual converter.

Optical fibre cables.

Optical fibre splitters.

Optical fibre attenuators.

Optical fibre connector.
(To join 2 cables together)
Global Invacom MDU optical fibre LNB Global Invacom MDU optical fibre LNB Global Invacom ODU optical fibre LNB

Global Invacom MDU optical fibre LNB

Global Invacom MDU optical fibre c120 flange LNB

Global Invacom ODU optical fibre LNB Kit



To provide many satellite dish points, (e.g. Sky or freesat) around the house you either need a quatro LNB on your
dish or a quatro LNB dish kit. see dishes with quatro LNBs and a 5 input multiswitch
(multiswitches are usually situated in a loft or cupboard or central area.) See multiswitches.
(Please note our latest EMP multiswitches also work with quad LNBs or 4 outputs from an octo LNB.
Most other makes only work with quatro LNBs) The quatro or quad LNB (with 4 outputs) feeds the multiswitch
using 4 LNB cable - see 4 LNB cable Best to put two outlets in each room as it may be that twin tuner receivers
(record one channel and watch another) may be needed. (These are called twin tuner PVRs) If so use
the twin wall plates see outlet plates then scroll down to the twin units. Use twin cable to each room. see Twin cable
For (e.g.) 6 rooms a 12 output multiswitch would be used. Twin cable to each room. An aerial can be fed
into the 5th input of the multiswitch if required. Using a wall plate which has a diplexer built in, two
satellite points and an aerial point is available. The UHF aerial signal is added to the satellite signal
by the multiswitch and goes down the same wire as the satellite signal. If two or three aerials are required
e.g. TV, FM and DAB radio, a 3 way combiner can be fitted on the roof and the one cable from that unit goes
into the 5th input of the multiswitch. Again the appropriate wall plate is needed to separate them all out
again. See multiswitch combiner
Standard Sky, Sky+ Sky HD freesat and freesat HDR and other receivers can then be connected
to the F connector wall plate. Everything you may need is on the Multiswitches Menu Page.
Sky Q update October 2016.
Sky Q multiswitches are now available but it is now also possible to combine Sky Q multiswitches with standard
multiswitches. There are three options. Use only a Sky Q multiswitch, or use a Sky Q multiswitch with a standard
multiswitch, or use a Sky Q interface with a standard multiswitch. A Sky Q multiswitch (e.g. 5 in and 4 out) is
cascade-able. That means it has LNB loop-through. So it is really 5 in, 4 Sky Q outputs and 4 quatro LNB outputs
(the 5th output is terrestrial) which can link to a standard multiswitch. That means it can be introduced in
front of a standard multiswitch (between LNB and standard multiswitch.) Sky multiswitches will only work with
quatro LNBs and not with the quad LNBs which are on Sky mini dishes. The other option is the Sky Q interface.
This is connected to the output of a standard multiswitch. 4 short cables (the interface would sit beside the
multiswitch) coming from 4 of the outputs from a standard multiswitch connect to 4 inputs in the Sky Q interface.
The interface converts these 4 inputs into the 2 Sky Q outputs. The disadvantage is that 4 outputs turn into two
outputs but if there are plenty of spare outputs, this is not a problem. Two rooms can then be supplied with a
Sky Q feed (remember Sky Q only needs one cable not two). The rest of the rooms would be fed with standard
outputs and so Sky HD, freesat and standard receivers can be used in those rooms.


Distribution round the house needs a 2, 4, 6 amp or (preferably) professional 8 way amp and cabling.
See Professional 8 way amp and Offer 1 but read the whole page.
This is to distribute TV from one receiver to other TVs around the house (one channel)
This can be done by feeding a cable from the room containing the sat receiver to the multiswitch location and
into the 3 way combiner then into the multiswitch. However, the problem with this method is that the multiswitch
will not permit the 9 volts to go through and the TV Eye or omni link system to work for control. It is better
therefore to have a completely separate output system with separate cabling for the distribution system
This would mean 3 cables to each room, two for the satellite and one for the distribution. TV eyes for Sky receivers
Sky accessories or omni link systems for freesat receivers or other receivers see the omni link kit
(and a modulator is required - same page or use a Triax Trilink)
This will allow full control of the Sky or freesat system from all of the rooms (but only in UHF analogue).

Latest information on HD 1080p output distribution.

Primesat HD Modulator Primesat HD Modulator

This HD Modulator, has an HDMI input and a coaxial cable output. Many houses already have a UHF distribution system.
A similar system in the past would take the coaxial output from the UHF (RF) connection of a receiver, maybe to an existing
distribution amplifier in the loft, then cables down to the rooms. This new HD modulator will work with your existing
distribution system. Satellite receivers now have an HDMI output. Connect the HDMI output from your satellite receiver
into the HD modulator. This uses the only HDMI output and so it is now not available to go to the TV next to it. There are
two solutions of sending the HD signal to both the TV and the modulator, 1. buy an HDMI splitter. This splitter converts
one HDMI output to two HDMI outputs. Then one HDMI cable can continue to go to the TV next to your satellite receiver and the
other to the HD modulator (optional splitter below). 2. Only connect the one HDMI lead to the modulator, the output then via
coax to the distribution amplifier. From there send the signal via coax to many TVs in many rooms and also back to the TV next
to the satellite receiver. With the second plan an HDMI splitter is not needed but a coax cable back from the distribution
amplifier is. To summarise, the coaxial output of the modulator can go direct to a second TV elsewhere in the house, or it
can go to a distribution amplifier (which may be in the loft) and then to many rooms. This coaxial cable then plugs into the
digital tuner input of your TV. All you then have to do is tune in the channels on your TV and one of the channels will be the
satellite receiver from the main room. This can be in full 1080p HD. Additional notes. The old UHF system in use for, probably
30+ years from an RF output was analogue and not very good quality. Usually there was an RF modulator built into the satellite
receiver and you had to tune in the analogue tuner of your TV set. Today many flat screen sets have both analogue and digital
tuners. Since there is no analogue TV any more the analogue tuner only tends to be used for tuning the old UHF, RF distribution
system but the new HD modulator works through the digital tuner of the TV in full HD. There have been some HD distribution
system which use CAT 5 cable but this system of HD over coax means that the old existing distribution system using coax can
be used and will it all work in full HD. There is an aerial loop through on the back of the modulator (just the same as the
old analogue loop through in the back of a satellite receiver with RF in and out) and so if the TV aerial can go into the
modulator, the aerial will then be carried with the satellite receiver signal to every TV through the distribution system in
the usual way. Please also note, for control you may also need an Omni Link kit. Then you can change channels etc.
from any room. Also remember out dedicated telephone support line just for our customers is there to help you

Link to our own satellite museum site

Rewind Museum. A Museum of vintage consumer electronics.

Satcom 7700 satellite receiver.

For old Satellite receivers with knobs on! (and other historic items)
Vintage reel to reel video recorders. Vintage VHS and Betamax VCRs.
Vintage video cameras. Vintage Laser Disc. Vintage Computers.
Old telephones, Old brick mobile phones. Vintage Hi Fi, Old reel
to reel audio and early audio cassette decks. Including,
The history time line of vintage consumer electronics.
And much more .....
So see,

Sony 2400 portable reel to reel video

It is well worth a visit.
Only The Satellite Superstore brings you great products,
advice and it's own MUSEUM

Rewind Museum

(All prices on this web site include VAT.)

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